Amber Capwell, a non-binary, community-taught multidisciplinary artist and designer, hails from the vibrant landscapes of Southern California and has spent the past ten years crafting their artistic identity in the enchanting realms of Oregon. In their creative endeavors, Amber revels in the dimensionality of their creations, using a myriad of mediums to explore a rich tapestry of metaphors and perspectives. Amber's work defies convention and embraces the limitless, often challenging the confines of the "box." Their inspiration flows from the intricate mycorrhizae networks beneath the earth's surface to the expansive cosmos above. With an insatiable curiosity, they create art that weaves together symbiotic relationships between art and inquiry, with visual narratives that traverse the realms of politics and the abstract, often merging both worlds in harmony. The symbols and imagery in Amber's work narrate a metaphysical journey of how creativity acts as a guiding force in the quest for self-discovery. Through various media, including relief, sculpture, stained glass, and textiles, their studio practice strives to find a nuanced balance among these diverse forms of expression. Amber believes art is a profound tool for healing and navigating the intricate landscapes of grief. In a world flooded with information, they seek to channel emotions and provoke insight through their artistic creations.